Check out some of our large selection of trailers on the lot! If we don't have what you need, we can have one shipped or built to your specifications through one of our manufacturers.

The following will show you a few styles of trailers that Calico can manufacture.   The Calico staff can custom build your trailer to fit your needs.   So, if you need to just haul your horse or the entire family's horses let us put you in the best trailer for your money.

We offer Custom Built Gooseneck trailers

Models include: Tandem Dual

Pintle Hitch

Hot Shot

Tilt Deck


Car Hauler & Utility


Upper Deck

 BBQ Pit


We also offer Gooseneck brand trailers

Models include:

5 Bale Haymaster

Gooseneck 14 Bale Haymaster

Steel Stock Gooseneck

Steel Stock Bumper Pull

Roper Special Trailer

Aluminium Stock Trailer

Aluminum Stock Bumper Pull

Big Haul Cattle Trailers

Step-Deck Trailers

Contractor HD Flatbed Trailers

Window/Glass Trailers

Dump Trailer

Jr. Dump Trailers